Cheffer's Marianne

Henri Lucien Cheffer

Henry Lucien Cheffer (Paris, December 30, 1880 - May 3, 1957) was a French painter and engraver. He produced French banknotes and postage stamps.

Coming from the School of Fine Arts where he was a pupil of Leon Bonnat, he won the Prix de Rome in 1906. Member of the french artists Salon, he exhibited exclusively in this show. He illustrated books and has participated in twenty-five to the illustration. Banks of French Algeria, Tunisia, the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies have used him for their banknotes.

In 1911, he engraved his first stamp. He worked for Persia, Belgium (the stamp bearing the effigy of Albert I dressed as a soldier), Luxembourg, Denmark and Spain, before being engaged in projects for the French positions in 1929 . His first two french stamps were "the port of La Rochelle and the Pont du Gard; many of his stamps had touristic scenes. In 1931, he designed projects for Stamp Exposition coloniale internationale de 1931: a scene typical colony. But they were denied in favor of two other themes. In 1933, his "Aristide Briand" was issued, printed typography.

In 1954, his project for Marianne stamp use was denied. The project was finally chosen after his death, in 1967.


P.125a (BNB BCA B4a)

100 Dinars, Port d'Algers Harbor Scene


Cheffer, H. FEC


F.39.3 (SCWPM P.96a)

1000 Francs, Commerce and Industry

Imp BdF
Sig. 12, 12/19/1940

Cheffer, H. INV
Beltrand, C. (F), Deloche, E. (B) SC