300F Clément Serveau "Ceres and Mercury"

Just like the 5000 F Flameng, the 300 F Clément Serveau or "Ceres and Mercury" is an iconic and mysterious banknote. Often the jewel of a collection, it remains misunderstood.

Introduction to Collecting Banknotes

An article for new collectors of paper money. Discusses types of collections, where to get them, how they are graded, what is their value

Regional Artistry In War-Torn France

During the First World War, France had more important things to do than design and issue banknotes, but we can see pride in the regional motifs and truly artistic work in these small notes.

A Micro-Puzzle on French Banknotes

Microprinting has been used as an anti-counterfeiting technique on banknotes for many years, but a modern set of French banknotes contains a hidden puzzle.

Common Designs from the BEAC, 1973-1984

The first banknotes to come out of the BEAC were the 1974 issues, a set of four notes (500F, 1000F, 5000F and 10,000F) for each country in the UDEAC.

The Victor Schœlcher Banknotes

Victor Schœlcher, the French abolitionist of the 19th century.

Creation of a French Banknote

From artist's sketches through to finished product, this article shows the steps involved in creating French banknotes.

Marianne de Walhain

Marianne has been the symbol of France since the French Revolution of 1789-99. This article discusses the details and world situation during WWI and WWII, the time period that Charles Walhain's vignette appears on banknotes of France and overseas territories.

Shepherd with Zebus

A specialized collection of the Central African States "Shepherd with Zebus" note, used in C.A.S. countries from 1993 to 2002.

Farmer on Tractor

A specialized collection of the West African States "Farmer on Tractor" note, used in W.A.S. countries from 1991 to 2003.